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The Static Season is here!

The Static Season is here!

With cold temperatures upon us, plant heat will remove the moisture from the air. This leads static to be more prevalent.  Although we cannot always adjust the humidity, we can remove the static for almost any process.

Static is caused by friction.  It occurs when there is a differential between the positive and negative charges within an object.  When you rub your feet on the carpet in the middle of winter and then touch a light switch or another person, a static discharge occurs.  You will notice that this does not happen in the summer and question the reasoning.  The humidity in the air greatly reduces the discharge.  With the absence of humidity or water (a conductor) in the air, the static charge builds and has nowhere to go.  Once it reaches another conductive object, the static releases.

The good news is Grosel Industrial Sales has the knowledge and products to rectify this.  Haug North America manufactures and stocks many products for a plethora of applications.  Haug ionizing bars are the most balanced in the business.  This means they will discharge as many positive ions as negative ions which releases any static charge on the material in the process.  These bars have been used in the following industries: Extruding, Printing, Medical, Packaging, Converting, and Paper.  We stock many products to satisfy your needs.  

In many cases, we can provide demo products to prove out the proposed solution… ”proof is in the pudding”.  We know that customers have tried other products that simply do not work.  Static can be tricky to combat so we pride ourselves on finding the right ionizing products that work each and every time.  We mitigate that utilizing our demo equipment, static meter, and application expertise.

Please click the link for more information on Haug Static Solutions.

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