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Reliable, Durable, and Long Lasting: RDL Coatings

Reliable, Durable, and Long Lasting: RDL Coatings

Ray and Donna Lopez, owners of RDL Coatings, first met in 1996 while working together in the surface enhancement/plasma spray coating industry.

Ray began his journey in this industry by working as a sand blaster. Within only one year, he quickly advanced throughout the various stages in the production process.  His technical expertise paired with his hands-on knowledge laid the foundation for him to go into Technical Sales. Here, he earned many awards and continued to grow his talents.  Heading up special accounts and complex applications, he earned the title of Regional Sales Manager. 

Meanwhile, Donna led the customer service department as Supervisor.  She spent a significant amount of time in the plant learning the process and going onsite to customer locations. These experiences fostered her deeper understanding of the various production problems across different industries.  Having a thorough understanding of every facet of the coating industry, Ray and Donna eventually opened their own coating company in 2016. 

RDL Coatings is an applicator of industrial plasma/thermal sprayed coatings.  They offer an extensive line of surface coverings to combat various production problems such as sticking, build up, slippage, wear, tracking, web snags, and more.  RDL’s protective coatings offer a more long-term solution as opposed to utilizing tape, cork, and other temporary “fixes”.  The commonly coated parts include:

  • Rolls (Idlers, Pull, Guide, Nip)
  • Fingers
  • Pans
  • Guide Rails
  • Shafts
  • Plates
  • Mandrels
  • Tubes
  • Chutes

RDL’s extensive history within the industry has guided them to diagnose and remedy most production problems quickly and efficiently.  Being a family-owned company, the workforce at RDL is bound by trust, dedication, and common goals.  The pride they take in the relationships they maintain with their customers is at the forefront of their business model. For more information, please contact us or click here to find out how you can “Arm Yourself with The Best!”

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