Air Trim has become a leader in designing, building and installing pneumatic material handling systems for North America.  Air Trim evolved from a 100+ year old US machinery builder for the rugged paper manufacturing industry and gradually expanded into pneumatic material handling solutions for a wider range of industries. Air Trim’s experienced sales, engineering, manufacturing and field service provide a key advantage to our customers with faster shipment of the highest quality fabricated components. Their patented, automated matrix removal system is becoming the standard of the industry for removing PSA matrix and edge trim from label presses. Their patented adjustable inducer system provides a cost-effective option to reduce electrical consumption in your systems. Other patents and patents pending address additional specific challenges facing customer’s pneumatic material handling challenges. To offer a total system approach in solving pneumatic material handling challenges, they have gradually broadened their product line to include a full line of ultra-quiet trim cutters, compacters, balers, and dust containment systems.

AirTrim Product Line

AirTrim Trim Removal Central Systems
Central Systems
AirTrim Trim Removal Venturi Inducer Systems
Venturi / Inducer Systems
AirTrim Trim Removal Chopper Cutter Systems
Chopper / Cutter Systems
AirTrim Trim Removal Matrix Twister Systems
Matrix Twister Systems
AirTrim Trim Removal Portable Trim Systems
Portable Systems
AirTrim Trim Removal Services
Support / Services