Since its inception in 1957, Haug has established a stellar reputation for excellence. They have an extensive product line with application expertise which assures their customers of fast and convenient availability of exactly the right products for each application.   Haug is committed to providing high-quality state-of-the-art products that meet or exceed industry standards, with the highest level of technical support and service.  Haug’s application specialists bring a world of experience to understanding and solving their customer’s specific needs. No matter what the industry or production requirement, Haug’s products and systems undergo the most rigorous quality control testing, ensuring long trouble-free operation and a safe, operator friendly work environment. This commitment to quality is of particular importance in safety features such as shielded coaxial cable and Haug’s patented X-2000 connection system.  Haug static elimination and charging systems can pay for themselves in a remarkably short time.

Haug Product Line

Haug Static Elimination Power Supply
Power Supplies
Haug Static Elimination Ion Bar
Static Elimination Ionizing Bars
Haug Air Blow-off Systems or Ion Blower
Air Blow-Off Systems
Haug Static Measurement Device
Static Measuring Systems
Haug Static Charging Generator
Charging Generators & Devices
Haug Static Elimination DC Static Bar
DC Line Static Bars
Haug Static Elimination Explosion Proof Static Bar
EX Line Static Bars