Mahlo Gauging Systems

Since 1945, the Mahlo family has continued to demonstrate their long-term commitment to the customer and has developed the competitive advantage for on-line gauging solutions.  Mahlo works to develop long term partnerships as well as to deliver value added support and expertise for the users of Mahlo equipment. From robust scanning frames to patented gauges to free online / phone support, the “Mahlo Advantage” has enabled customer’s globally improved quality as well as productivity with the best performance/cost ratio. With in-house spare parts and a fully operational pilot line for testing customer products, Mahlo guarantees their measurement performance.

Eric Reber, Mahlo America’s Technical Director, recently wrote a great article discussing the benefits of Mahlo’s online gauging systems.  Click the button to read the full article:

Mahlo Product Line

Mahlo Gauging System for Nonwovens
Mahlo Gauging System for Coating and Laminating
Coating and Converting
Mahlo Gauging System for Extruding
Mahlo Gauging System for Paper Board or Tissue
Paper, Board, Tissue
Mahlo Gauging System for Calendaring
Mahlo Gauging System Testing Center
Product Testing