Solid-State IR versus Nuclear Gauging

Will new Solid-State IR make Nuclear Gauging obsolete? For years, Beta and Gamma gauges have done an excellent job with on-line measurement of basis weight and thickness. This technology has been around for decades. With the ever-increasing regulations, it was time for a non-nuclear solution. New technology from Mahlo called the IMF-15 NIR sensor is paving the way.

This sensor is a Near Infrared Sensor that utilizes solid-state technology for both transmission and reflection measurements for basis weight, moisture, and thickness. The NIR technology works because most organic molecules have a unique NIR absorption spectra. Band-pass filters are used to measure the light intensity and they are compared to a reference measurement. The IMF-15 utilizes six (6) channels that measure simultaneously.

Instead of a filter wheel, this technology utilizes a modern Avalanche Photodetector which is 100X more sensitive than lead-sulfite (PbS) photo detector devices. The NIR is not influenced by temperatures up to 140°F. Cooling for the sensor can be utilized for higher temperatures.

Another great feature is the internal tile used for standardization along with the continuous light signal (no light modulation) for increased accuracy. These features combat calibration issues typically found in PbS style detectors.

The technology is currently being used in coating, extruding, and non-woven applications. To review more information, please follow the link to the IMF-15 Brochure on Mahlo’s Web Site.

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