Since its inception in 1957, Haug has established a stellar reputation for excellence. They have an extensive product line with application expertise which assures their customers of fast and convenient availability of exactly the right products for each application. Haug is committed to providing high-quality state-of-the-art products that meet or exceed industry standards, with the highest level of technical support and service. Haug’s application specialists bring a world of experience to understanding and solving their customer’s specific needs. No matter what the industry or production requirement, Haug’s products and systems undergo the most rigorous quality control testing, ensuring long trouble-free operation and a safe, operator friendly work environment. This commitment to quality is of particular importance in safety features such as shielded coaxial cable and Haug’s patented X-2000 connection system. Haug static elimination and charging systems can pay for themselves in a remarkably short time.

On September 1st, 1946 the Master machine builder Ludwig Boschert founded our company. Very soon the small company was known for its good quality workmanship and it grew quickly. Shortly thereafter the young company was taken over by the Kunz family.  By blending old world craftsmanship with new world technology, Boschert is able to develop and manufacture innovative and affordable products of the highest quality in our German plant.  With a firm understanding of what “Made in Germany” has historically meant, we are continually striving to deliver what customers expect when they Boschert.  All the products are stocked at Boschert, LLC in Mobile, AL.

Coast Controls was established in 1992 by William C. and Douglas G. Fife, both of whom had many years of web guiding experience. The company operates from a modern facility in Sarasota, Florida and utilizes state of the art CNC machining centers and other manufacturing technology in their operation. They have been manufacturing rolls for their systems for many years.  We have the design, quality and consistency has helped our customers with idlers. To adapt a design that is perfect for your application, Coast utilizes SolidWorks 3D Software which can be converted to just about any format so the customer can simply place the 3D model of the products right into their design saving time and money.

In 1968, a small company in Fenton, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis called Magnetic Power Systems pioneered the use of magnetic particle torque control technology for industrial applications. In fact, our father Ed Grosel, sold clutches in the early days with then President, Gerald Eddens.  We have supplied MAGPOWR’s controls, sensors, brakes and clutches since the early days.  Our tension control expertise has been solving web handling issues for over 50 years.


Deublin Company was founded in 1945 by Luke Deubler and Dick Linn. The name of the company is a combination of their two last names.  Deublin has a unique design that incorporates balanced mechanical seals.  Any application that needs to transmit air, water, oil, or hydraulic fluid from a stationary source into a rotating portion of equipment can be solved with Rotary Unions.


Based in Rochester, NY, Polymag® Tek was founded in 1994 as a consulting firm focused on helping companies improve process quality on magnetic tape lines. Polymag® Tek began manufacturing contact cleaning systems to meet need for customers to produce high quality product.  Polymag® Tek manufactures innovative web cleaners, sheet cleaners, and process roll cleaners for the coating, laminating, printing and converting industries – custom designed to remove dirt, contamination, slitting dust and converting debris.  In addition to providing equipment, they produce Adhesive Tape for the contact web cleaners of any make and size.