Grosel Industrial Sales has been representing and distributing technical solutions for the past 50 years.  We specialize in extruding, converting, web handling, continuous processing, machine automation.  Our expertise allows us to solve simple to complex manufacturing issues.  Our goal is to take care of the customer first.  At times, we have worked as an integrated supplier to assist our customer.  Please review the products below which are segmented into represented and distributed.  Please click on one of the buttons below or contact us for more information:

AirTrim: Trim Removal Systems, Installation/Maintenance, Choppers
Coast Controls: Web Guides, Idler Rolls
Dienes USA: Knife holders (Shear, Score, Razor), Air Shafts, Safety Chucks
Mahlo America: Online Gauging Systems
Montalvo: Tension Controls, Load Cell, Tension Sensors
PureLoop: Pelletizing Systems & Recycling Equipment
RDL Coatings: Plasma Sprayed Coatings
Teknikor: Plant Layout & Design, Turn Key Machine Installations
TiltLock: Core Chucks, Roll Handling Devices, Roll Overs & Cranes
Vetaphone: Corona & Plasma Treaters
Boschert: Safety Chucks
Coast Controls: Idler Rolls
Deublin: Rotary Unions
Haug: Static Eliminators/Generators, Web Cleaning Systems, Static Bars & Blowers
MAGPOWR: (Authorized Reseller) Tension Controls/Brakes
PolymagTek: Web/Roll Cleaners & Adhesive