Coast Controls was founded in 1992 by the Fife brothers, Doug and Bill, both pioneers in the converting industry.  Guided by their father, Irwin Fife, who founded Fife Manufacturing in 1939, has carried that hard-working determination with them and onto the current owner today, Kyle Koontz. Coast Controls engineering and manufacturing of Precision Rollers and Guide Frames are second to none.  They have a patented All-Air control system and recently introduced an electromechanical control system to complement their current line of products.  Coast provides various types of guiding systems: Unwinds, Intermediate Web Guides (Displacement and Steering), Rewinds, and Retrofits. They have the design, quality and consistency has helped our customers with idlers to complete web guiding systems. To adapt a design that is perfect for your application, Coast utilizes SolidWorks 3D Software which can be converted to just about any format so the customer can simply place the 3D model of the products right into their design saving time and money.  From application expertise to technical support, Coast Controls is the superior choice for web guiding and idler rolls.

Coast Controls Product Line

Unwind Guides
Displacement Guides
Steering Guides
Idler Rolls
Rewind Guides
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