Dienes is the world’s leading precision provider of industrial knives, knife holders and slitting systems. Globally, Dienes has nearly 500 employees.  With approximately 100 years of experience in mechanical engineering, valuable user knowledge, continuous research and development, and the latest technology, it enables them as a manufacturer to provide the highest quality knife products in the world. Dienes is continuously setting new standards in product durability.  They have many innovations and patents that have helped customers solve everyday slitting problems from dusting to poor blade life.  Along with being the most comprehensive slitting company, Dienes now offers a complete line of core chucks, air shafts and brakes.

Dienes USA Product Line

Dienes Shear Knife Holder
Shear Cut Holders
Dienes Slitting Score or Crush Holder
Score Cut Knife Holders
Dienes Slitting Knives and Blades
Circular Knives
Dienes Slitting Razor Holder
Razor Cut Holders
Dienes Slitting Hot Knife
Heat Cut Holder with Heated Blade
Dienes Air Shaft
Air Shafts
Dienes Score Cut Slitting Positioning System
Score Cut Slitting Systems
Dienes Shear Cut Slitting Positioning System
Shear Cut Slitting Systems
Dienes Slitting Razor Cut Systems
Razor Cut Slitting Systems
Dienes Edge Trim Slitting System
Edge Trim Slitting Systems