With degrees in mechanical engineering and law, Edwin J. Montalvo Sr. began his career in 1947 as a New York City based manufacturer’s representative. In 1970, at age 57, Montalvo changed careers and became a manufacturer. That year, with the introduction of his patented, air-cooled, dual disc, multiple-range brakes and clutches, Montalvo revolutionized tension control. He built the prototype in his basement workshop.

His innovative design put an end to cumbersome and maintenance prone water-cooled systems, as well as the piggyback configurations once commonly used to cover broad horsepower and torque range combination’s which are frequently required in tension control applications. Today the Montalvo Corporation’s product line includes load cells, analog and digital web tension controllers, load cells, brakes, clutches, tension indicators, safety chucks and more. They are now led by Ed and Midge Montalvo and they continue their father’s legacy as a leading manufacturer of web tension control equipment.

Montalvo Product Line

Load Cells
Tension and Torque Controllers
Load Cell/Transducer Amplifiers
Tension Sensing Rollers
Tension Brakes
Tension Clutches
Safety Chucks
Core Chucks
Tension Indicators
Custom Designed Products and Solutions
Friction Pads
Converters and Air Filters
Pneumatic Control Valves
Safety Covers and Mounting Plates

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