Pure Loop

PURE LOOP is the sister company of EREMA.  EREMA is the global market leader in plastic recycling systems, decades of experience to top-level technology know-how and from the stability and innovative strength of the entire EREMA Group, PURE LOOP stands for the highly efficient recycling of clean production waste using shredder-extruder technology. For solutions which adapt perfectly and specifically to your scrap logistics they return the largest possible amount of recycled pellets to your production cycle.  The ISEC (Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination) double feed plate technology allows inline and offline processing.  The single shredder shaft push plate technology provides flexibility for materials and feed rates.

Pure Loop Product Line

Pure Loop Re-Pelletizing
ISEC evo - The Plastic Recycling Machine
Pure Loop Plastic Recycling
Plastic Shredding Technology & Materials