Unilux is the world’s leading provider of strobe lights, mounted strobe lights, UV strobes, and print monitoring. Unilux’s worldwide presence is headquartered in the United States.  With over 55 years in converting, paper, printing, and film, Unilux offers the brightest solutions to some of the most complex problems.  Considering Unilux has the biggest R&D department in the industry, it is no surprise their equipment is built to last.  Some of their light systems are still in use after 20 years!

Unilux’s product line includes almost 50 models of stroboscopic lights to meet the most basic lighting needs, to the most complex, specialty applications.  With a wide-ranging product line, elite R&D, and an extensive support network, customers achieve ROI in no time.  They have many innovations and patents. This has allowed Unilux to accomplish a technical achievement award from the Academy of Arts and Sciences for its work on the H3000: the lighting system used by the motion film industry.

Unilux Product Line

Handheld Strobes
Fixed Mount Strobes
UV Strobes
UniPRINT Print Monitoring
Customized Solutions