Vetaphone was founded in 1951 by Verner Eisby, the inventor of corona treatment.  Vetaphone A/S remains a privately held company owned by Frank Eisby and Jan Eisby, the sons of Verner Eisby.  Vetaphone is a leading manufacturer of corona & plasma systems used to increase the surface adhesion on plastic and metalized films in extrusion or converting process.  The headquarters of Vetaphone is located in Kolding, Denmark.  With service and support based in Wisconsin, and stock parts in Texas, it has maintained 20% growth in corona treating worldwide.  Vetaphone has the only patented closed-loop generator for the most efficient treatment in the industry.  Vetaphone has paved the way with pull out electrodes, modular generators and online diagnostics.  Vetaphone remains today number one for corona treatment in the narrow web industry!

Vetaphone Product Line

Vetaphone Treater for Coating, Laminating, and Converting
Corona Treating for Converting
Vetaphone Narrow Web Treater for Corona Treating
Corona Treating for Narrow Web
Vetaphone Treater for Blown Film Extrusion
Corona Treating for Extrusion
Vetaphone Treater for Coating
Corona Treating for Coating
Vetaphone Plasma Treating
Plasma Treating Systems
Vetaphone Generator for Corona Treating
Corona Treating Generators
Vetaphone Ozone Blower for Corona Treating
Parts / Accessories
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