Air Trim has become a leader in designing, building and installing pneumatic material handling systems for North America.  Air Trim evolved from a 100+ year old US machinery builder for the rugged paper manufacturing industry and gradually expanded into pneumatic material handling solutions for a wider range of industries. Air Trim’s experienced sales, engineering, manufacturing and field service provide a key advantage to our customers with faster shipment of the highest quality fabricated components. Their patented, automated matrix removal system is becoming the standard of the industry for removing PSA matrix and edge trim from label presses. Their patented adjustable inducer system provides a cost-effective option to reduce electrical consumption in your systems. Other patents and patents pending address additional specific challenges facing customer’s pneumatic material handling challenges. To offer a total system approach in solving pneumatic material handling challenges, they have gradually broadened their product line to include a full line of ultra-quiet trim cutters, compacters, balers, and dust containment systems.

Dienes is the world’s leading precision provider of industrial knives, knife holders and slitting systems. Globally, Dienes has nearly 500 employees.  With approximately 100 years of experience in mechanical engineering, valuable user knowledge, continuous research and development, and the latest technology, it enables them as a manufacturer to provide the highest quality knife products in the world. Dienes is continuously setting new standards in product durability.  They have many innovations and patents that have helped customers solve everyday slitting problems from dusting to poor blade life.  Along with being the most comprehensive slitting company, Dienes now offers a complete line of core chucks, air shafts and brakes.

FMS has been recognized as a leading tension control specialist with customers around the world. They are proud not only of the proven “out of the box” solutions, but also their custom-made technology based on in-house technical developments and innovations. FMS maintains a well-equipped, high-performing research and development department.  The development of the best possible solutions for mastering complex control processes has been the rationale of FMS since the company was established in 1993. For example, FMS has developed tension sensors with a 200:1 measuring range that have 20 times overload protection as well as Amplifiers and Controls with EtherNet/IP, ProfiNet, and many other communication protocols are paving the way for their innovative technologies. Ingenuity, Swiss precision and the focus on their core strengths have earned FMS a worldwide reputation for extraordinary web guiding and tension control products, systems and solutions.

Since its inception in 1957, Haug has established a stellar reputation for excellence. They have an extensive product line with application expertise which assures their customers of fast and convenient availability of exactly the right products for each application.   Haug is committed to providing high-quality state-of-the-art products that meet or exceed industry standards, with the highest level of technical support and service.  Haug’s application specialists bring a world of experience to understanding and solving their customer’s specific needs. No matter what the industry or production requirement, Haug’s products and systems undergo the most rigorous quality control testing, ensuring long trouble-free operation and a safe, operator friendly work environment. This commitment to quality is of particular importance in safety features such as shielded coaxial cable and Haug’s patented X-2000 connection system.  Haug static elimination and charging systems can pay for themselves in a remarkably short time.

Since 1945, the Mahlo family has continued to demonstrate their long-term commitment to the customer and has developed the competitive advantage for on-line gauging solutions.  Mahlo works to develop long term partnerships as well as to deliver value added support and expertise for the users of Mahlo equipment. From robust scanning frames to patented gauges to free online / phone support, the “Mahlo Advantage” has enabled customer’s globally improved quality as well as productivity with the best performance/cost ratio. With in-house spare parts and a fully operational pilot line for testing customer products, Mahlo guarantees their measurement performance.

PURE LOOP is the sister company of EREMA.  EREMA is the global market leader in plastic recycling systems, decades of experience to top-level technology know-how and from the stability and innovative strength of the entire EREMA Group, PURE LOOP stands for the highly efficient recycling of clean production waste using shredder-extruder technology. For solutions which adapt perfectly and specifically to your scrap logistics they return the largest possible amount of recycled pellets to your production cycle.  The ISEC (Integrated Shredder Extruder Combination) double feed plate technology allows inline and offline processing.  The single shredder shaft push plate technology provides flexibility for materials and feed rates.

Renova is a manufacturer of tension control brakes, core chucks and roll movers with more than 40 years of application know-how. Renova’s products are ideal for all applications when there is a roll to unwind, rewind or to move.  They desire to have direct control of the entire production chain which ensures the highest production quality.  In order to guarantee the customer the highest level of satisfaction and reliability, these products are managed by TUV -ISO 9001.  Their mission is to provide products designed to last while reducing maintenance costs. They strongly believe in the importance of having a highly qualified staff and particularly invest in their Research and Development department. Every year Renova develops class-leading products and high-quality solutions from their customer’s feedback and with the collaboration of machine builders and end users.  Renova’s patented brakes will provide the finest resolution, pad life and worry free operation for years to come.

South Shore Controls was founded in 1996 in Perry, Ohio.  Their original first four customers are still customers today.  South Shore is a single source provider of advanced industrial automation services with extensive experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and process improvements for plant operations. Their high level of expertise for factory automation and integrated process solutions are designed to meet your specific objectives.  South Shore’s strategic consulting services can help you develop a highly optimized automation strategy for your manufacturing or processing operations. They are large enough to handle turnkey services for your projects, yet fully committed to personalized service with attention to every detail.  From unwinds to control upgrades to complete custom converting equipment, South Shore provides long lasting equipment for today’s web products.

Teknikor has been a trusted solutions provider to the manufacturing industry since 1966. For over 50 years, their approach to business has been a simple one: Offer their customers an unmatched suite of services, provided by the most qualified personnel, such that Teknikor is the only company they think of calling when they have a project to complete. As a second generation privately held company, their dedication to their employees, their families, and customers is relentless.  They have taken a holistic approach to developing their services, tailoring them specifically for the manufacturing industry. By providing electrical, mechanical, automation, millwright, precision alignment, and equipment design/build services, Teknikor is the most complete turnkey partner to manufacturing worldwide.  It’s with their values of family, honesty, integrity, genuineness, excellence, growth and dependability that Teknikor has maintained many of their customers, employees, vendors, and partners that began with them many decades ago.  Teknikor specializes in plant and machine relocation.

Tilt-Lock is a one-stop headquarters for a wide selection of material handling lifting devices that seamlessly incorporate simplicity with functionality to deliver the best long-term results. They focus on providing reliable, cost-effective material handling solutions with lifting equipment that increases productivity, saves time, prevents injuries and reduces product damage. All of their products are designed, engineered and built with their valued customer in mind.  From tip-lifts to complete roll handling solutions that include cranes, hoists and lift-tables, Tilt-Lock has been providing off-the-shelf and customized solutions for over 50 years.

Vetaphone was founded in 1951 by Verner Eisby, the inventor of corona treatment.  Vetaphone A/S remains a privately held company owned by Frank Eisby and Jan Eisby, the sons of Verner Eisby.  Vetaphone is a leading manufacturer of corona & plasma systems used to increase the surface adhesion on plastic and metalized films in extrusion or converting process.  The headquarters of Vetaphone is located in Kolding, Denmark.  With service, parts and support based in Wisconsin, it has maintained 20% growth in corona treating worldwide.  Vetaphone has the only patented closed-loop generator for the most efficient treatment in the industry.  Vetaphone has paved the way with pull out electrodes, modular generators and online diagnostics.  Vetaphone remains today number one for corona treatment in the narrow web industry!