Montalvo Vanguard Tensioning System (MVS)

The patented Vanguard System is Montalvo’s flagship closed loop tow and tape tension control technology system.  Vanguard is leading the way in precise, uniform, consistent, automated tension control.  Montalvo specializes in composite, fiberglass, multi-strand, tapes or any application processing multiple webs into a single end product.  The system automatically controls even the slightest changes to ensure tension is always optimal.

The Vanguard system includes Creel Brakes, Creel Shafts, Pneumatic Converters, Multiple Web Load Cell/ Tension Sensors, PC and Operator Interface.  The system is modular, and each component can be purchased separately or as a system.  A single control board can provide a read out up to 24 positions or full control.

The system can have several controllers which allows for almost an unlimited amount of tows or strands.  Montalvo designed this system in conjunction with manufacturers to provide the optimal solution for each of the applications.  For more information, please contact us or click on the link below:

The Vanguard Tow and Tape Tension Control System

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