Time for a Change with Montalvo

In 1970, Edwin J. Montalvo quit his job as a manufacturers’ representative to become a manufacturer.  With his industry knowledge, he was able to modernize tension control by using air-cooled, dual disc, multiple range brakes and clutches.  His innovation and leadership established the high standards Montalvo Corporation operates by today.  The company is now run by Ed Montalvo and Midge Denham (Montalvo) who are second-generation family members.

Grosel Industrial Sales is proud to be the exclusive representative for the Montalvo Corporation in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  In these territories, we are ready to solve your tension control needs and provide the best support in the business.  We decided it was time for a change in our tension control line and joining the leader just makes sense.

Grosel Industries Sales and Montalvo both share a humble beginning and long history of providing intelligent solutions to our customers.  For over 40 years, Grosel Industrial Sales has marketed and supported tension control systems.  We have technical expertise to help solve the most demanding applications and find the exact fit for each application.  We both pride ourselves on serving the customers’ needs by understanding the industry, having the products and application support to satisfy it, and being candid with our customers.

Montalvo provides services across many industries like converting, corrugating, packaging, nonwovens, narrow web/label, and wire/cable.  Their product offering includes load cells, tension controls, amplifiers, tension sensing rollers, brakes, clutches, tension indicators, sensors, safety chucks, and core chucks.  They have excellent products manufactured right here in the USA!

We are excited to offer an excellent tension control choice.  From application expertise to technical support, the combination of Grosel and Montalvo is unmatched.

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Say Hello to Coast Controls

In 1992, Coast Controls was started by the Fife brothers, Doug and Bill, both of whom were pioneers of the Converting Industry.  They have a long family history of web guiding as their father founded the Fife Corporation in 1939.  Today, Coast Controls is owned and run by Kyle Koontz, a long-time employee of the company.

Grosel Industries Sales and Coast Controls share a long history of providing intelligent solutions to our customers.  Grosel Industrial Sales is the exclusive representative for Coast Controls in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  In these territories, we are prepared to solve the most challenging applications with precision rollers and robust web guiding equipment.

Coast Control’s engineering and manufacturing of precision rollers and guide frames is second to none.  They have the patented All-Air control system and recently introduced an electric-mechanical system to round out their product mix.  Coast provides all types of guiding systems:

  • Unwind Guiding
  • Rewind Guiding
  • Displacement Guides
  • Steering Guides
  • Retrofit Guides

We are excited to offer an excellent guiding choice.  From application expertise to technical support, the combination of Grosel and Coast is unbeatable.

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Dienes Score Knife Removal Tool

Dienes is proud to announce their new score/crush knife removal tool. This tool is used to easily install and remove circular knives and blades in score and crush cut holders.

With full operator control, the Dienes EZ Knife Puller securely surrounds the knife blade and prevents blade tip damage along with worry-free knife blade removal and replacement.  While removal and replacement of knife blades are necessary, the method to do so has been in long need of a better way. The Dienes EZ Knife Puller provides protection and control of the knife blade, while preventing damage.  With safety in mind when designing, the operator does not need to physically touch the knife.  It is faster and safer to change out the knife with the Dienes tool.

From slitting positioning systems to regrinds, the Dienes tradition for quality is second to none. This EZ Knife Puller will revolutionize how blades will be replaced which is another Dienes innovation to transform the slitting industry.

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GIS Remembers our Founder

May 14th is our first blog post and marks the third anniversary of the passing our founder and father. We are sure he would not know about the existence of hashtags, blog posts or any form of social media/online content. In fact, he never read or composed an email on a computer. Instead, we would print the email, he would reply with a good old-fashioned pen, and we would comply to his corrections.

His hard work, persistence, and vision has inspired us to carry out his legacy. His love for reading the newspaper and updating his knowledge on business trends inspired us to incorporate old stories and current events into our blogs.

We are grateful for all of the memories, opportunities, friendships, and business we have experienced over the years.  Especially, the ones that remind us of our dad. It has truly been a pleasure serving our customers and we know our dad is appreciative of everyone who helped him start, maintain, and flourish in his life’s passion.

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