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Say Hello to Coast Controls

In 1992, Coast Controls was started by the Fife brothers, Doug and Bill, both of whom were pioneers of the Converting Industry.  They have a long family history of web guiding as their father founded the Fife Corporation in 1939.  Today, Coast Controls is owned and run by Kyle Koontz, a long-time employee of the company.

Grosel Industries Sales and Coast Controls share a long history of providing intelligent solutions to our customers.  Grosel Industrial Sales is the exclusive representative for Coast Controls in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.  In these territories, we are prepared to solve the most challenging applications with precision rollers and robust web guiding equipment.

Coast Control’s engineering and manufacturing of precision rollers and guide frames is second to none.  They have the patented All-Air control system and recently introduced an electric-mechanical system to round out their product mix.  Coast provides all types of guiding systems:

  • Unwind Guiding
  • Rewind Guiding
  • Displacement Guides
  • Steering Guides
  • Retrofit Guides

We are excited to offer an excellent guiding choice.  From application expertise to technical support, the combination of Grosel and Coast is unbeatable.

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