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Dienes Score Knife Removal Tool

Dienes is proud to announce their new score/crush knife removal tool. This tool is used to easily install and remove circular knives and blades in score and crush cut holders.

With full operator control, the Dienes EZ Knife Puller securely surrounds the knife blade and prevents blade tip damage along with worry-free knife blade removal and replacement.  While removal and replacement of knife blades are necessary, the method to do so has been in long need of a better way. The Dienes EZ Knife Puller provides protection and control of the knife blade, while preventing damage.  With safety in mind when designing, the operator does not need to physically touch the knife.  It is faster and safer to change out the knife with the Dienes tool.

From slitting positioning systems to regrinds, the Dienes tradition for quality is second to none. This EZ Knife Puller will revolutionize how blades will be replaced which is another Dienes innovation to transform the slitting industry.

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