Customer Success Story

ProFusion Industries, a maker of flexible PVC sheet and film, was having difficulty slitting one of their products.  They contacted us at Grosel Industrial Sales to solve this issue, as we have been working with this plant for over 40 years.

As many of you know, GIS takes the systems approach to identify the actual problem.  After a few conversations and many photos, using our Principal’s engineering expertise and our practical experience of slitting, we discovered the root of the problem:  Profusion was sharpening their blades incorrectly. 

This is not uncommon for score blades because people think all blades should be sharp.  The problem with sharp score blade is the edge rolls over on the blade and the quality of the cut diminishes.  In fact, Dienes (our principal) uses a special diamond tool to resharpen blades. It hones the angle and the radius all at once to increase the surface finish, precision, and quality.

The misconception that score or crush blades are sharpened to a point was the first and easiest to tackle.  For reference, the other two potential issues in score slitting are Anvil Condition and Knife Holder Force. 

Once we saw the product with hairs or fines, it was easy to determine the next steps.  Profusion ended up purchasing a few blades with a bevel and radius which allowed for much better slitting success.  Fortunately, step one of blade geometry worked for Profusion.  We were happy to help our customer solve the problem with a lasting solution.  We pride ourselves on the high level of knowledge we bring to each and every application.

Over the years, we have provided them a plethora of products including Air Shafts, Brakes, Core Chucks, Idler Rolls, Safety Chucks, Slitting Equipment, Tension Controls, Trim Removal and Web Guiding. 

Thank you, Profusion, for trusting us.  We look forward to continuing our steadfast relationship. At GIS, we truly appreciate our loyal customers who trust our expertise. The opportunity to form relationships with customers who will allow us to practice our passion of providing solutions is why Grosel Industrial Sales was started and continues to grow.

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