Ring in the New Year with AirTrim!

If 2021 has a trim or matrix removal project on the project list, AirTrim is here to help. They have become the leader in designing, building, and installing pneumatic material handling systems.

The company has evolved from a 100+ year old US machinery builder for the rugged paper manufacturing industry and gradually expanded into pneumatic material handling solutions for a wider range of industries.

The strength of AirTrim resides in their engineering and manufacturing expertise which permits them to evaluate and design the best system for customers seeking highest quality pneumatic conveyance systems. Their service does not stop there – they are considered the undisputed leader in offering after-sale support for their customers.

AirTrim continuously is developing new technology to provide better solutions.  Their patented matrix removal system is becoming the standard of the industry for removing PSA matrix and edge trim from label presses.  The patented adjustable inducer systems provide a cost-effective option to reduce electrical consumption in your systems.

Other patents and patents pending address additional specific challenges facing our customers’ pneumatic material handling challenges.

AirTrim offers a system approach to solving pneumatic material handling challenges. Check out their product line which includes a full assortment of ultra-quiet trim cutters, compacters, balers, and dust containment systems by clicking below:

AirTrim – Grosel Industrial Sales

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The Static Season is here!

With cold temperatures upon us, plant heat will remove the moisture from the air. This leads static to be more prevalent.  Although we cannot always adjust the humidity, we can remove the static for almost any process.

Static is caused by friction.  It occurs when there is a differential between the positive and negative charges within an object.  When you rub your feet on the carpet in the middle of winter and then touch a light switch or another person, a static discharge occurs.  You will notice that this does not happen in the summer and question the reasoning.  The humidity in the air greatly reduces the discharge.  With the absence of humidity or water (a conductor) in the air, the static charge builds and has nowhere to go.  Once it reaches another conductive object, the static releases.

The good news is Grosel Industrial Sales has the knowledge and products to rectify this.  Haug North America manufactures and stocks many products for a plethora of applications.  Haug ionizing bars are the most balanced in the business.  This means they will discharge as many positive ions as negative ions which releases any static charge on the material in the process.  These bars have been used in the following industries: Extruding, Printing, Medical, Packaging, Converting, and Paper.  We stock many products to satisfy your needs.  

In many cases, we can provide demo products to prove out the proposed solution… ”proof is in the pudding”.  We know that customers have tried other products that simply do not work.  Static can be tricky to combat so we pride ourselves on finding the right ionizing products that work each and every time.  We mitigate that utilizing our demo equipment, static meter, and application expertise.

Please click the link for more information on Haug Static Solutions.

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Tilt-Lock Increases Capabilities

Tilt-Lock is your one-stop headquarters for a wide selection of roll handling equipment. They provide lifting devices that seamlessly incorporate simplicity and functionality to deliver the best long-term results.

Their focus is offering reliable, cost-effective solutions. These solutions feature roll handling equipment that will prevent injuries, increase productivity, save time, and reduce product damage. Tilt-Lock products are designed, engineered, and built with you, our valued customer, in mind.

Customers realize that off-the-shelf products are not a good fit for some applications. Tilt-Lock specializes in custom products to provide the optimal result for each project. Our goal is to understand the customer’s needs and provide a material handling solution to improve the process.  Please contact us or click on the link below for more information:

Tilt-Lock Custom Material Handling Capabilities

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Providing Solutions

Some companies sell products.  We differentiate ourselves by making it our mission to not only selling the best products, but by providing solutions.  Our philosophy is taking care of the customer first.  Our working relationships are built using credibility and trust.  We are a technical organization that provides value-added expertise to make the purchasing simple and efficient.

We represent many different product lines spanning across several industries.  All of them have continuous processing.  It is very essential for us to align our principals with our philosophies.  An important question we ask prospective principals is “What are your company values?”  We only represent companies that are privately held, have patents, a great sales process, and the technical team to back it all up.  We are selective when choosing which lines to represent.

Similarly, we are thorough in deciding which lines to distribute.  While it is easy to source cheap parts, we carry durable components that help customers achieve ROI on their purchases.  We make it simple to purchase products from us and try to turn quotes around as quick as possible.  With the ever-changing business climate, we are trying to stay ahead to service the most important part of our business: our customer.

We want to thank all our principals and customers that have allowed us to thrive for the past 51 years… We love what we do and are honored to be involved with this industry.  Please contact us with all of your business needs and inquiries; we are eager to provide solutions.

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New Leadership and Direction at Dienes USA

The Dienes Corporation is the World’s Leading Manufacturer of cutting tools. With the selection of a new leadership team, their place in the industry will reach new heights.  Wade Gilman, the new Vice President of Sales, started with Dienes USA when he was 18 years old. Twenty-one years later, Wade is tasked with taking Dienes to the next level.  

He spent a majority of his career as a Sales Engineer solving problems for customers.  He embraces technology and social media to keep customers abreast of the latest slitting technologies.  He recognizes the value of implementing the right process to ensure the customer is first.  But most of all, he recognizes the Dienes culture of family that has allowed for the company to be in business for over 100 years.

Dienes worldwide has over 500 employees.  They are a German based company that manufactures most of its products in-house.  They have over 140 different knife holders.  Rest assured, they have one for you.  Dienes USA specializes in slitting positioning systems.  They have developed technology that allows the holders to move simultaneously…see the Dienes Slitting Positioning System video demonstration.  Along with slitting positioning systems they provide holders (score, shear and razor), blades, anvils, dovetails and more for the slitting applications.  They also provide core holding products and brakes.

Their expertise has always been top notch. Now with a young, talented and energetic engineer to lead the charge, customers will greatly benefit from The Innovation Company more than ever.

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