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Tension Control 101

Tension control and web handling are general terms.  This blog is about the basics of tension control.  There is a simple formula: Tension = Torque / Radius.  The Tension is the force of the material as it goes through the tension zone.  The Torque is the force applied to the
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The Static Season is here!

With cold temperatures upon us, plant heat will remove the moisture from the air. This leads static to be more prevalent.  Although we cannot always adjust the humidity, we can remove the static for almost any process. Static is caused by friction.  It occurs when there is a differential between
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Providing Solutions

Some companies sell products.  We differentiate ourselves by making it our mission to not only selling the best products, but by providing solutions.  Our philosophy is taking care of the customer first.  Our working relationships are built using credibility and trust.  We are a technical organization that provides value-added expertise
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Solid-State IR versus Nuclear Gauging

Will new Solid-State IR make Nuclear Gauging obsolete? For years, Beta and Gamma gauges have done an excellent job with on-line measurement of basis weight and thickness. This technology has been around for decades. With the ever-increasing regulations, it was time for a non-nuclear solution. New technology from Mahlo called
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The Unknown Future of Trade Shows

Are trade shows a thing of the past? The short answer is no, and the long answer is still up in the air. COVID-19 has changed the way business is done. Trade shows all over the world are being postponed, canceled, or conducted virtually. As of now, the likelihood of
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GIS Covid-19 Blog

While the world continues to fight the spread of COVID-19, we know everyone is trying to do their part to flatten the curve.  From social distancing, to hand washing, and helping those with weakened immune systems, we are collectively doing a great job in trying to slow the spread. Doctors,
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