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Category: Company News

A Story from our President – Dean Grosel

When I was a junior in high school, I started a small landscaping business. I provided weekly maintenance and developed a customer base of about twenty.  I used my dad’s old station wagon (and yes, with the wood panels on the sides) and later purchased a trailer for mulch and
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GIS Announces Shini USA, a division of Budzar

If you are searching for new products to help you meet your plastics processing needs, you will not find a better supplier than Shini USA.  As a division of Budzar Industries, they strive to provide the right product for each application and guide you through the process, every step of the way. 
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New Leadership and Direction at Dienes USA

The Dienes Corporation is the World’s Leading Manufacturer of cutting tools. With the selection of a new leadership team, their place in the industry will reach new heights.  Wade Gilman, the new Vice President of Sales, started with Dienes USA when he was 18 years old. Twenty-one years later, Wade
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Time for a Change with Montalvo

In 1970, Edwin J. Montalvo quit his job as a manufacturers’ representative to become a manufacturer.  With his industry knowledge, he was able to modernize tension control by using air-cooled, dual disc, multiple range brakes and clutches.  His innovation and leadership established the high standards Montalvo Corporation operates by today. 
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Say Hello to Coast Controls

In 1992, Coast Controls was started by the Fife brothers, Doug and Bill, both of whom were pioneers of the Converting Industry.  They have a long family history of web guiding as their father founded the Fife Corporation in 1939.  Today, Coast Controls is owned and run by Kyle Koontz,
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GIS Remembers our Founder

May 14th is our first blog post and marks the third anniversary of the passing our founder and father. We are sure he would not know about the existence of hashtags, blog posts or any form of social media/online content. In fact, he never read or composed an email on
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