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Customer Success Story

ProFusion Industries, a maker of flexible PVC sheet and film, was having difficulty slitting one of their products.  They contacted us at Grosel Industrial Sales to solve this issue, as we have been working with this plant for over 40 years. As many of you know, GIS takes the systems
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Vetaphone’s Kevin McKell on Corona Treating

Below is an article from Vetaphone’s website on Total Cost of Ownership and how it relates to purchasing on value versus price: At a time when the very word ‘corona’ sends shockwaves around the world, Vetaphone is sensitive to its more customary use in the print, laminating, and extrusion markets, where surface treatment is a vital
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Coast Controls is Now the “All” Web Guiding Company

Many of you have known Coast Controls as the all-air web guiding company.  That is because, since 1992, Coast Controls has been recognized because of its patented All-Air controller, excellent engineering, and quality manufacturing capabilities to provide robust, long-lasting guiding systems. Over the years, requests continued for specific systems that
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Montalvo Vanguard Tensioning System (MVS)

The patented Vanguard System is Montalvo’s flagship closed loop tow and tape tension control technology system.  Vanguard is leading the way in precise, uniform, consistent, automated tension control.  Montalvo specializes in composite, fiberglass, multi-strand, tapes or any application processing multiple webs into a single end product.  The system automatically controls
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Vetaphone Lab for Corona and Plasma Treating

Vetaphone’s New Test Lab Facility

Since plastic, foam and foil materials are increasingly more difficult to corona or plasma treat, Vetaphone has opened a state-of-the-art testing facility at its new headquarters in Denmark.  This is no surprise since Vetaphone is the leader in plasma and corona treating.  In fact, Verner Eisby created the concept of
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Dienes Score Knife Removal Tool

Dienes is proud to announce their new score/crush knife removal tool. This tool is used to easily install and remove circular knives and blades in score and crush cut holders. With full operator control, the Dienes EZ Knife Puller securely surrounds the knife blade and prevents blade tip damage along
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