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Vetaphone Lab for Corona and Plasma Treating

Vetaphone’s New Test Lab Facility

Since plastic, foam and foil materials are increasingly more difficult to corona or plasma treat, Vetaphone has opened a state-of-the-art testing facility at its new headquarters in Denmark.  This is no surprise since Vetaphone is the leader in plasma and corona treating.  In fact, Verner Eisby created the concept of corona treating back in the 1950s.  His children, Frank and Jan, are the current owners of Vetaphone.  They learned about corona treating as young boys and talked with their father about his invention at the dinner table.  Their early exposure in corona treating developed into the passion that drove Vetaphone to be the number one supplier in the label industry.  They incorporated their dad’s design, their engineering expertise, and added a great process to provide the best equipment for both narrow and wide web processes. 

While the method of getting ink onto a non-absorbent material has not changed, new challenges, like environmentally sustainable packaging, have arisen.  Vetaphone’s new testing facility will allow existing and potential customers to engage with the scientists to perfect product development before committing to a solution.  Having the greatest expertise, technology and advanced equipment allows “science” to create products in a lab environment saving customers time and money.

As you often hear at Vetaphone, the magic happens in the closed-loop, sign wave generator that measures 20,000 times per second.  This patented generator design has allowed for the most efficient corona treating system available.  Along with the HMI interface, the treating stations having pull out electrodes and many other options to solve the most demanding applications.  The best equipment, plus the greatest expertise, plus the best testing lab equals the best partner for corona treating.  Please click on the link to view the lab on Vetaphone’s web site.

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