Coast Controls is Now the “All” Web Guiding Company

Many of you have known Coast Controls as the all-air web guiding company.  That is because, since 1992, Coast Controls has been recognized because of its patented All-Air controller, excellent engineering, and quality manufacturing capabilities to provide robust, long-lasting guiding systems.

Over the years, requests continued for specific systems that only electronic systems could perform. For years, they fought that notion.  In recent years, they decided to offer an electronic guiding solution. They have found that some applications are just easier to solve, like line guiding or motorized sensors.  The new electromechanical web guiding system has a sleek LCD controller with PID control.  The web guiding sensors are ultrasonic, Infrared, or LED (for line) and work for almost every web guiding application.  The linear actuators are electromechanical, with a ball screw design.

Most customers agree that Coast’s guiding frames and custom engineering are what separates them from the competition.  From unwinding guiding systems to guided rewinds (complete with motors and drives) to custom converting equipment to precision idler rolls, Coast has grown into more than an “All-Air” web guiding company.  For more information, please click on the link.

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