Montalvo Vanguard Tensioning System (MVS)

The patented Vanguard System is Montalvo’s flagship closed loop tow and tape tension control technology system.  Vanguard is leading the way in precise, uniform, consistent, automated tension control.  Montalvo specializes in composite, fiberglass, multi-strand, tapes or any application processing multiple webs into a single end product.  The system automatically controls even the slightest changes to ensure tension is always optimal.

The Vanguard system includes Creel Brakes, Creel Shafts, Pneumatic Converters, Multiple Web Load Cell/ Tension Sensors, PC and Operator Interface.  The system is modular, and each component can be purchased separately or as a system.  A single control board can provide a read out up to 24 positions or full control.

The system can have several controllers which allows for almost an unlimited amount of tows or strands.  Montalvo designed this system in conjunction with manufacturers to provide the optimal solution for each of the applications.  For more information, please contact us or click on the link below:

The Vanguard Tow and Tape Tension Control System

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Providing Solutions

Some companies sell products.  We differentiate ourselves by making it our mission to not only selling the best products, but by providing solutions.  Our philosophy is taking care of the customer first.  Our working relationships are built using credibility and trust.  We are a technical organization that provides value-added expertise to make the purchasing simple and efficient.

We represent many different product lines spanning across several industries.  All of them have continuous processing.  It is very essential for us to align our principals with our philosophies.  An important question we ask prospective principals is “What are your company values?”  We only represent companies that are privately held, have patents, a great sales process, and the technical team to back it all up.  We are selective when choosing which lines to represent.

Similarly, we are thorough in deciding which lines to distribute.  While it is easy to source cheap parts, we carry durable components that help customers achieve ROI on their purchases.  We make it simple to purchase products from us and try to turn quotes around as quick as possible.  With the ever-changing business climate, we are trying to stay ahead to service the most important part of our business: our customer.

We want to thank all our principals and customers that have allowed us to thrive for the past 51 years… We love what we do and are honored to be involved with this industry.  Please contact us with all of your business needs and inquiries; we are eager to provide solutions.

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New Leadership and Direction at Dienes USA

The Dienes Corporation is the World’s Leading Manufacturer of cutting tools. With the selection of a new leadership team, their place in the industry will reach new heights.  Wade Gilman, the new Vice President of Sales, started with Dienes USA when he was 18 years old. Twenty-one years later, Wade is tasked with taking Dienes to the next level.  

He spent a majority of his career as a Sales Engineer solving problems for customers.  He embraces technology and social media to keep customers abreast of the latest slitting technologies.  He recognizes the value of implementing the right process to ensure the customer is first.  But most of all, he recognizes the Dienes culture of family that has allowed for the company to be in business for over 100 years.

Dienes worldwide has over 500 employees.  They are a German based company that manufactures most of its products in-house.  They have over 140 different knife holders.  Rest assured, they have one for you.  Dienes USA specializes in slitting positioning systems.  They have developed technology that allows the holders to move simultaneously…see the Dienes Slitting Positioning System video demonstration.  Along with slitting positioning systems they provide holders (score, shear and razor), blades, anvils, dovetails and more for the slitting applications.  They also provide core holding products and brakes.

Their expertise has always been top notch. Now with a young, talented and energetic engineer to lead the charge, customers will greatly benefit from The Innovation Company more than ever.

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Solid-State IR versus Nuclear Gauging

Will new Solid-State IR make Nuclear Gauging obsolete? For years, Beta and Gamma gauges have done an excellent job with on-line measurement of basis weight and thickness. This technology has been around for decades. With the ever-increasing regulations, it was time for a non-nuclear solution. New technology from Mahlo called the IMF-15 NIR sensor is paving the way.

This sensor is a Near Infrared Sensor that utilizes solid-state technology for both transmission and reflection measurements for basis weight, moisture, and thickness. The NIR technology works because most organic molecules have a unique NIR absorption spectra. Band-pass filters are used to measure the light intensity and they are compared to a reference measurement. The IMF-15 utilizes six (6) channels that measure simultaneously.

Instead of a filter wheel, this technology utilizes a modern Avalanche Photodetector which is 100X more sensitive than lead-sulfite (PbS) photo detector devices. The NIR is not influenced by temperatures up to 140°F. Cooling for the sensor can be utilized for higher temperatures.

Another great feature is the internal tile used for standardization along with the continuous light signal (no light modulation) for increased accuracy. These features combat calibration issues typically found in PbS style detectors.

The technology is currently being used in coating, extruding, and non-woven applications. To review more information, please follow the link to the IMF-15 Brochure on Mahlo’s Web Site.

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The Unknown Future of Trade Shows

Are trade shows a thing of the past? The short answer is no, and the long answer is still up in the air. COVID-19 has changed the way business is done. Trade shows all over the world are being postponed, canceled, or conducted virtually. As of now, the likelihood of going to a trade show this year is equivalent to the Browns going to the Superbowl (sorry, Cleveland fans).

Trade shows have provided friendships, camaraderie, team building, competition, and the like. Meeting and shaking hands with the people you have never met, or you rarely see, is one of the greatest privileges in business. Having so much experience, skill, and passion for conducting business in one place makes the interactions so valuable.

Experiencing firsthand a machine running that you are looking to purchase or holding your product in your hand and learning the benefits are priceless.  The entire time is enjoyable and rewarding.

Prior to the Coronavirus, the number of trade shows held declined.  However, we have learned that product knowledge and application expertise is the reason most of us would attend in the first place.

The absence of trade shows, however, should not allow basic questions to go unanswered and knowledge to be kept to oneself. Before purchasing new products, updating equipment, or the like, it is important to have the following answered:

  • Does your company hold any patents?
  • How many years of experience does your technical staff have?
  • When was your last product release?
  • Who will I be working with and how many years of experience do they have?

For more information on the trade shows we attend, please visit the Trade Show section on our website.

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Vetaphone’s New Test Lab Facility

Vetaphone Lab for Corona and Plasma Treating

Since plastic, foam and foil materials are increasingly more difficult to corona or plasma treat, Vetaphone has opened a state-of-the-art testing facility at its new headquarters in Denmark.  This is no surprise since Vetaphone is the leader in plasma and corona treating.  In fact, Verner Eisby created the concept of corona treating back in the 1950s.  His children, Frank and Jan, are the current owners of Vetaphone.  They learned about corona treating as young boys and talked with their father about his invention at the dinner table.  Their early exposure in corona treating developed into the passion that drove Vetaphone to be the number one supplier in the label industry.  They incorporated their dad’s design, their engineering expertise, and added a great process to provide the best equipment for both narrow and wide web processes. 

While the method of getting ink onto a non-absorbent material has not changed, new challenges, like environmentally sustainable packaging, have arisen.  Vetaphone’s new testing facility will allow existing and potential customers to engage with the scientists to perfect product development before committing to a solution.  Having the greatest expertise, technology and advanced equipment allows “science” to create products in a lab environment saving customers time and money.

As you often hear at Vetaphone, the magic happens in the closed-loop, sign wave generator that measures 20,000 times per second.  This patented generator design has allowed for the most efficient corona treating system available.  Along with the HMI interface, the treating stations having pull out electrodes and many other options to solve the most demanding applications.  The best equipment, plus the greatest expertise, plus the best testing lab equals the best partner for corona treating.  Please click on the link to view the lab on Vetaphone’s web site.

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